Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Boat Going Nowhere

Winter has had its icy grip firmy on Baker Lake for a while (until Iqaluit), however this is the first week where the cold has reached a point where it can quickly become dangerous. It is expected that the windchill should hit -50C this week with strong winds and temperatures in the -30 C to -36 C range. Even -42 C with the windchill is flesh freezingly cold. I may need to cave and where the real parka this week.

Its the kind of weather that sucks any desire to go outdoors out of me - I don't mind subzero temperatures, but once it hits the kind of cold that requires me to wander around without my glasses in a coat that severely limits my field of view - then I limit my time outdoors to necessary trips. So, obviously with the lake frozen until mid-July, this boat is bound to stay put, while I'm not going anywhere very far until it gets a bit warmer. This is the main reason I don't own a dog. The only type of dog that I would consider owning is a Malamute or maybe a Husky - but both need exercise which I'm not keen to be needing to provide in -42 C with the windchill. Couple that problem with the cost and stress of trying to transport animals by plane and the minimal access to vetrinary services... its just not even worth considering. Still on a calm day, it can be still nice even at -25 C, but calm days are rare in Baker Lake. The upside of all this cold is that its finally brought some consistant sunshine. Yeah for clear skys... now all I need is some northern lights to convince me to spend times in the freezing outdoors.

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