Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nice Ice and never shop when hungry

Hmmmm. This is a picture from a couple of days of a piece of ice attached to a sno drift catching the light of the sunset. Elevated winds left the background sort of soft and fuzzy and the day too cold for a long time outside taking pictures.

As for the second part of the title, I'm totally guilty of wandering through the store right after school when I was ravenous... thus somehow unhealthy non-food items (namely tin of chips) ended up in my grocery basket. I wouldn't normally buy chips, I don't particularly like them, but they seemed irasistable in light of my hunger. All I really needed was Q-tips, for which I coughed up $8.29, everything else was a result of being surrounded by food when hungry. As for the Q-tips, I'm officially declaring their price an act of highway (or high arctic) robbery. That said, my ears appreciate being clean.

Kettle says "make tea and get back to marking!"


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