Friday, November 26, 2010

Smelly Truck Shadows

The Leafs appear intent on losing this game - I may know even less about NHL hockey than I do about politics - but who elbows a guy in the face when you still have over 2 minutes of time left in a penalty. Versteeg better make it up with a goal or he'll but up there with the smell of the not so shiny truck in my books.

Grrrr. I just accidently erased the last paragraph... and I can't seem to undo it. Ah well, the gist of it was that time is flying and I can't believe that its the end of November. Its been busy, but good, and before I know it... it'll be Christmas.

I was reading the other day that they've changed the ceiling and visibility rules for landing flights. This will not help with weather delayed/cancelled flights here. Of course, I want it to be safe, but travel delays in one part of the trip, can result in disaster in other. Particularly with connections. Its always especially nervous around Christmas - when flights are booked pretty solid. If your flight is cancelled, you can end up stranded for days waiting for another shot. I guess I can but cross my fingers.

I should check up on the spaceweather, although it was snowing earlier this evening, so, it may not matter what is happening. I think the sky is expected to be quiet. Have a good Friday night.

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