Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Goals

Operation Dishes is nearly complete.... and operation laundry is next. You have to admit that Saturday looks to be exciting. Next will be operation tidy, organize and mark...... along with operation make potato salad. If I'm lucky, I might find time to get my paints out, since I think I've used up the last semi-decent watercolour in my collection, and there is only one way to get better, which is practice.

I do really enjoy painting and I find that its one of the most relaxing activities I can do. Most of my stuff turns out kind of so-so, but once and a while I get it right or right enough for something that is a hobby.

Still, I hope that its sunny and not too cold tomorrow. It would be good to get a little fresh air or a nice sunset today. Otherwise, I'm going to be hard pressed to find material for my blog, since this is more of a photo blog than anything else. (Can you tell how uninspired I am about writing this morning?)

As for the picture, I can't remember where I took the photograph, but I think it is either Georgian Bay or Lake Superior. I did this one quite a while ago. It reminds me of summers camping, in fact, it could just as well be an evening on some wonderful interior Algonquin Park Lake. One of my goals for this summer is to get out on at least a short canoe or backpacking trip. Its been way too long since I've done what is my favourite activity in the world.... so hopefully, that gets corrected. Hard to say, there just seems to be things that need doing and its easy to suddenly find that in spite of good intentions about spending time on hobbies the have-to-dos have sucked up the time that there is.

I've heard its even worse when you have kids....

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