Friday, December 03, 2010

Sunset Infrastructure Silhouettes

There are words in this world I simply cannot spell - even when I've tried to learn them: Brocalli, Counsellor, Bouyancy, Ingredients, Input (okay the last two I only sometimes misspell), and I garuntee you that there are many more. This is a great annoyance to me - as I occassionally, even with advances in technology need to write stuff by hand, sometimes on a wipeboard with a live audience - who frequently distract me from the task of spelling at my best. Its not that its really been a problem, it just seems like something you should be able to memorize (and I'm working on brocolli and buoyancy), but after many years I still haven't mastered concillor.

I suppose I should just be lucky to live during the computers with spelling (and grammar (formally spelt grammer)) checkers, which save me from my spelling most of the time.

As for the picture, I was impressed by the major straping keeping the stack upright - even on windy days.... can you guess which direction the prevailing wind comes from?
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Blogger Bonnie said...

Most spell check gives us the American version...glad to see two LL's on counsellor.

10:00 AM  

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