Monday, December 27, 2010

Many kinds of love

This is the apple of my eye - my travelling companion, my fellow explorer, my first and only car. We've camped, and done field work and been filled to the gills with plants and equipment and we've seen the mountains together. She has listened to my singing without complaining and taken me on snowy roads and clear ones. I don't care if people think I'm stupid - I love my Corolla anyways.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor car!

She is a great colour with cool plates.


8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as its blaring Journey, Akon, or Ke$ha I call shotgun!!


11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our little 1998 Corolla,with 330 thousand Km,has been across Canada several times and down to Cali to go surfing,Love it!

8:26 AM  
Blogger Finding me said...

Randomly stumbled across your blog....but was inspired to reply. I know how you feel somewhat. I bought a 99 kia sephia in april of 99 (april 30th, day after my 20th bday) in bright "sport" blue. hardly any options and payed cash. I moved to texas shortly after from chicago area. he was my constant for over 10 years. I lost my virginity AFTER I bought my car, I got married, divorced, and had 2 kids while I owend it. felt my baby kick at my seat belt in the car, brought both kids home from midwives house in that car.
I never expected it to run as long as it did, being a "cheap" car, and while it bugged me the seats didn't fold down and had manual everything....he was a friend. In hindsight such a huge change in my life from buying to letting go.
In aug of 2009 the engine started to go, was WELL overdue for tuneup, breakjob, and new tires - as well as the struts were bad and all the rubber (being parked in texas heat for nearly 10 years) had started to go bad and thusly my power steering fluid was leaking.....
blue book was 400 bucks, so certainly not worth fixing anymore. Still, I had a bad exp with a 91 corolla (evidently it was a really bad year, while all other years are awesome) that while purchased at 6yrs old and owned for 2yrs required approx 5K in repairs during it's brief ownership before I junked it (engine and everything else going out AGAIN) so I was quite pleased my kia had required next to no repairs in it's 10.5yr run.
I bought a brand new kia soul, having great luck with the sephia and fitting my current needs much better (and being totally overwhelmed with all the cool gadgets i'd never had in a car before. cd player, mp3, cruise...LOL) I still felt a sense of sadness saying goodbye to my dear friend.

Cars are often more stoic than homes....its sometimes hard to let them go!
I knew my sephia would be junked and was actually teary over it. :(

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Jennith said...

Randomly stumbled over your comment years later!

Hahahah - I finally replaced my Corolla last year and love my new car too... it hasn't had too many adventures, but I'm sure we will

11:17 AM  

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