Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The View From the Other Side of the Iglu

I mean the title both literally (I'm taking a picture from the northeast side of the Iglu Church instead of the northwest side) - so you are looking at a sunset instead of a sunrise. Today turned out to be a much more cultural day than I expected. I got to go outside!!!! and it was beautiful out. I got to watch an excellent movie about drum dancing. I'm feeling the weight of a cold that is trying to beat out my immune system - I think I'm winning, but I have about enough energy to curl up and nap or semi-nap. On the up side - the Leaf's are winning!!!

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Anonymous Samuel said...

Jennith - I really do enjoy your blog, it's so great and I think you have such a really interesting life up there, and your art and photos are terrific. I have this really random fascination with Nunavut & by living in the midwest US I only have so much limited knowledge about its real conditions haha. Well, I'm glad you got to go outside today, it must have been warmer for a day in December! Take care - Sam

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Patrick Kane said...

Hi Jennith - this is Pat Kane, photo editor of Up Here Magazine in Yellowknife. I was hoping you could contact me. I'd like to discuss a photo op with you. You can reach me at patrick@uphere.ca or 867-766-6710 ext 312. Thx!


12:00 PM  

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