Sunday, September 04, 2011

All Graduated

A quick good luck in all their future endevours to all 12 of our amazing graduates this year!!!! It may be the sunset of highschool, but tomorrow is a sunrise on new and exciting adventures.

I'm back in Baker Lake and glad to be here, although I've actually gotten to the point where most of the time I'm clued out to the fact I'm living in such an isolated place. Once and a while, I look up and it occurs to me that if I walk 1 km past the edge of town, there really isn't anything out there built by humnas within 275 km (and a good deal in most directions - 275 km is the distance to Rankin) except Meadowbank Mine.

I learned a new card game last night and enjoyed several rounds of euchere although I was a bit tired, and generally playing poorly (sorry partner), but still having fun. In other excitement, I bought a dinosaur themed quilt on clearance at Sears which has brightened my living room decor, even if it has failed to enhance the grace and elegance of my decor, it is cheerier than navy and buff semi abstract floral camo. Besides, the Ikea bedframe and mix of posters and technically flawed original watercolours (mine - so I can cut them up if I want - 1 is good, and two are decent and the others are okay enough to have on the wall as long as no one looks too closely) make it impossible to create an adult space.... so... yeah for dinosaurs :D

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Pictures of the new quilt please!


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