Sunday, July 22, 2012


Relative peace has been approached in our household.  We got nose to nose a couple of times with only some minor growling and some curious checking each other over with a human sitting in between.  Only a few instances of hissing today and one well earned swat when the little one accidently leaped on the big one while chasing a spring.

Currently, they are sleeping in my computer chair and the second chair that I moved to when the first was occupied, so I find myself sitting on the sofa to avoid waking sleeping kitties. They are maybe 10 feet apart and seem greatly at peace, well asleep anyways.  Zoe has generally been herself all day, relatively affectionate and playful and actually tolerated being held for almost 2 minutes and Molly has been a ball of spring chasing cosmic energy bounding tirelessly from one end of the world to the other until nap time.  Here's hoping for the beginning of a great feline friendship.
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