Monday, June 24, 2013

The water under the Bridge St. Bridge is slowly receding on the Bow River
Snags caught on an island in the Bow River

My favourite nursing bench surrounded by water...

View from the now closed to the public Engine Bridge of the water at bank level

Flooded Riparian Zone

Paintbrush flowering early

Another few days have passed and it sounds like most people can get back in their homes except for 45 houses along Cougar Creek which have been deemed uninhabitable.  Hopefully, it is possible for at least some of them to be made habitable, but I can't imagine how those folks must be feeling right now.  Hopefully, I'll never know.  I remember how I felt when my insured car was destroyed by a drunk driver.  I don't think that even holds a shadow to having your house damaged.

The river levels are slowly falling and life is slowly returning to normal - although town is very quiet with only residents present.  People are being extra kind to strangers.  One resident suggested a medal for the operator of the excavator that toiled for 24 hours straight and managed to save the road.  I'd concur. Bins have been placed in 3 neighbourhoods to allow residents to dispose of flood damaged property.  On the other hand, it is still hard to get in and out of town and it is raining again.  I hope that I'll be able to do something to help in the long run.

However, my main concern is calling for me.. and so I'd better go play and read stories.

I haven't seen as much TV coverage in the last few days, nor have I been to any of the locations where their was significant damage.  I've heard that there was quite a bit of damage in Kanaskis too.
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