Friday, October 11, 2013

Mother-Daughter Trip to Emerald Lake

Lots of firsts for our little miss this week.  First hockey game, first boat ride and first mother-daughter road trip.  We made it all the way to emerald lake where the sun and clouds flirted with us, but I managed to get a few decent photos.  Later in the trip, the battery died in my point and shoot - forcing me to go back to my SLR.  On one hand, it was nice to feel the weight of a real camera and the satisfying noise of the shutter closing - sadly the exposure was disappointing.  I'm going to have to dig around the settings and see if I've done something weird.  It seems intent on under-exposing or over-exposing and I"m not sure why.  Hopefully, I'll slowly remember how to use a real camera - in the mean time - my point and shoot reliably takes good pictures and weighs a lot less and is less awkward to manage with a baby.
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