Monday, August 19, 2013

Rock And Roll Cat

Zoe usually picks comfier places to snooze, but I guess the folk fest spirit must have gotten to her as I found her curled up on the guitar lately.  She sings too - when she is catching mice.  I still don't know what she did with the yellow ones... they are totally MIA.

We've survived lots of excitement here - all of the good and intentional sort, but we are glad to be settling down for our normal routine.  It was wonderful to see so many of my favourite people in the last month.

Our small human is learning to babble and smile and play with toys.  She also watches the cats, but the cats have been very good with her.

Currently - Zoe is sleeping on her chair - the comfortable one that all guests have to divest her of if they wish to sit there and Molly is asleep on top of the hideaway, her long limbs dangling over the edge.

And that is the cat report for the day.

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