Monday, October 04, 2021

Falling Leaves and Tranquillity


Found a few new trails in a few new woods (and a spacious new tent).  It was nice to get away from technology and spend quality time with my small humans (although the cats insist they missed me).  We lucked out in picking a spot that wasn't picked by many others and had a quiet hike.  Maybe not the most stunning mountain vistas, but lovely all the same.  Just enough red in the mix to remind me of home - and the lovely smell of fallen leaves and change.  

So far my blogging has not lived up to expectations - but don't worry - I literally took 1000's of photos - just need time to curate and write about what it all means and why it was so important.  I'm proud of the amount of camping we did in the last 3 months and so glad the small folk love it as much as I do.  We finished a whole novel this trip and saw sheep, and pretended to be sheep and cats and have imaginary friends.  

We took time to appreciate the view and the land and the good things in the world.... and talked about hard things and silly things and kind things.  It would have been easier to work all weekend and get ahead, but you can't get back these days and I'm sure I'll catch up on my sleep eventually.


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