Monday, July 24, 2006

Another Butterfuly

This (I believe) white admiral butterfly was one of many we saw in the Wilmot Watershed while hunting for lost and forgotten culverts and headwater streams. All in all it was a fun day and a chance to get out and try some new techniques. I'll have to look up that hydraulic head method and see if I can't cook up an easyier way to mark it.

Sunday we had a quick visit with my Grandma Pam who finally got to meet Gabe again. Then we headed off to the races with ominous clouds on one side and blue sky on the other. We turned North and the ominous clouds won dousing us with so much water that my windshield wipers could hardly keep up. When we got to the races we watched the first two races while my grandfather explained to me how to use the racing form. We were finally ready to bet on the third race (and did), but there had been so much rain that they cancelled all the other races except the 6th and 9th races. We decided not to wait it out, and went home to play Settlars of Catan - Knights and Cities with Geoff and Erin.

After the game, I managed to call most of the rest of my close relatives whom I hadn't spoke to in a few days including Uncle Stevie and Gramma and Chris. Then we went out to Swiss Chalet for supper (never a bad meal). After we went back, we stopped by my old house - because my brother had never seen it - and on a whim knocked on the door of my old next door neighbour who's been living there since I was 2 or 3. He was home and we had a great chat. His daughter's son is now done highschool and my grade-school friend Matt is all grown up and working for OPG. We used to cause havoc at the After School Program. I can't really imagine him as more than 10 years old. So life is old. Its good to randomly talk to people you've lost track of. Hopefully I'll manage to meet up with Chris B. soon for a game of settlers. (Chris you should remind me) and with Trudi for our long planned and muched delayed coffee session.


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