Friday, July 21, 2006

The Resiliance of Maples

Maples are nearly impossible to kill. I have attempted to "thin" the cohort of teenage maples that have sprung up on our property of their own accord over the last 20 years. Given the tools I have available - the best I can do is prune them to the ground. Unfortunately, they have all bounce back and suckered into life. Of course I was thrilled when many of the shrubs, particularly the grape vine, di this - in the case of the maples, it is becoming frustrating.

These are silver maples living near Orono, Ontario - not in my back yard. But the picture brought my own murderous toils to mind. Proof that I'm part forester at heart. Its always fun to impress people by differentiating between Norway and Sugar maple and explain what is going on. That said. I think I want a Ginko, they are pretty cool. A sort of status plant for biology students. My other garden plan is to buy some more mint seeds and try again. Maybe in a pot this time with all nice soil. Gardening is really quite fun.


I ramble.



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