Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Quick Post

I've been kind of off line for a bit between being busy and my blog being up in the air still. Blogger is working on the problem - but it seems to be that they have a lot of problems going on at once right now. Its funny. I really hate vandelism, any kind of mindless destruction and the targeting of blogs by spammers is simply vandelism- the kind of antisocial behaviour that forces people to lock their doors and be so supicious of strangers that we walk by people in need and never ask for help. Its these people who make the world a lonely place.

On other anti social behaviour - there was an artical in the star this morning about pocket bikes. These are 60 cm high, 45 lb mini motor bikes that are "popular with teenage boys". Now the article mostly complains about the noise, but our local pocket bike riders concern me because they have no concept of road safety. They weave out onto our street from behind parked cars on the wrong side of the road without looking. I've seen them cut a few people off without looking (including myself). Thank god the bikes are noisy or there would be a lot more dead teenage boys. Apparently it is illegal to drive them on either the road or the sidewalk (they are meant to be driven off road), but I first rand into them shortly after attending my highschool boyfriends funeral (a motor cycle accident) and I just want to shake them and tell them that people get killed on those bikes. Our street is especially bad because it is a collector street for our neighbourhood and people frequently use it to cut through to another minor artial street - this means they go much faster around the bend than the posted 30 km/hr. I haven't seen them lately, but hopefully someone talked some sense into them.

In other crazy excitement, I got to excersize my first response skills at a local hardware store when someone had a seizure. It has made me reconsider my decision not to look into the EFRT at my school.

Anywho, back to reading and writing for me.




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