Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas

Shall I continue my whining about blogger - perhaps I should bite the bullet and switch over to the newer version - however, I'm unsure if it'll support my existance on araska and I want to consult with my sibloids of knowledge before finding out the hard way that I've lost my blog. Today, Picasa is giving me grief about posting pictures... it keeps bringing be to a page telling me about the virtues of the new program, but doesn't post the picture that I want. I've tried to upload from the editor, but I"m not seeing the picture yet. Maybe I overwrote it while being impatient.

We had a different, but good christmas. Both Gabe and I made it back from New Brunswick in one piece. Gabe flew for the first time ever - and seemed neither impressed or unimpressed. I'm hoping to send out my first major volley of christmas cards shortly, although the current whereabouts of 2/3 of my address books is interfereing with my complete sucess. If you expected a christmas card for me and didn't get one... feel free to email me your address. I'll keep looking (stupid me cleaning my room in a hurry :P)

I should head off to do that... I did have a few news stories I wanted to link to ... I'll try and get them up later.



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