Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Paddling in Calm Waters - and movie recomendations

After the last few stressful weeks, Gabe and I decided that we needed to go on a date (to celebrate increased sleep rations and all that). We went to Failte - an Irish Pub near Square One with a fairly standardly priced menu including a tempting selection of pub favorites, pizza and then some nicer stuff. The food was good (the fries unusally so) although I would not have called the servings overly generous, there was more than enough to fill us up. I had a stuffed chicken breast and Gabe has Salmon - I got fries, he got salad - which we each ate half of. The only down side is because we went there later in the evening - they had the hockey game up fairly loud. However, it probably would have been cool, if we hadn't been aiming at a romantic dinner. Then we went to see the Pursuit of Happyness [sic]. Will Smith and his son were fantastic. The movie was really well done, and while maybe the take home message equates happiness with money - I think thats an oversimplication. It was weird seeing Will Smith look so old and ungoofy, but I was impressed. I think I might just buy this one when it comes out on DVD (high praise from me). I think among its best points is that it made the concept of poverty for normal, well intentioned people, far more real to me. How it impacts your ability have choices, the stress of fearing bills and no support system to fall back on. An interesting and related Toronto Star article "War on Poverty" compliments this topic well. Actually, the Star has been running a series on Poverty lately, many of which are superb.

Not much other news. Watch for an upcoming series of old photograph taken by my gradparents. My grandfather has offered to work with me to tell the stories behind some of the pictures- like the one above. Sometimes - the sorries may appear as comments and sometimes they may appear as edits to the original post - which I'll put back links to in new posts so you'll know to check them again. This picture - I think will require some explaining, however, you'll have to wait for it later - not the elk?? Caribou?? swimming in the water.

I'll leave you in suspense for now...



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend Njoke and I had an "online dialogue" about The Pursuit of Happyness (we liked it too) here:

We'd love it if you could add your 2 cents on the discussion.



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