Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Roadtrip 2007

This picturesce church in Wolfe, ON (on the 512 maybe) is surrounded by rolling hills and farms. The scenery was so lovely, we stopped just to take a few pictures on a dreary day.

As for travel in April - well the weather was warmer than our trip to Cape Breton about the same time of year 2 years ago, we saw little snow, but the weather was pretty dreary when we set out, improving greatly on Sunday.

Why travel in April? Well, here are a few advantages:
- the park we stayed in was nearly empty and we were able to pick the best site and didn't have to pay reservation fees.
- its rarely painfully hot
- well, the last week of april and august are generally the only moments in student life between school and job when nothing is hanging over you head.
- there is nothing as neat as seeing the first signs of spring, burst in to life

Alright. Work now, but more pics to follow.


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