Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm not dead, just distracted

Honest... its been insanely busy with me basically working as much as psychologically and physically possible... and I expect this state to continue well into September and maybe for the rest of my life. A few interesting tidbits to share though. I've got tickets to the David Usher Show on Oct. 18th in Toronto. (YEAH!!) It should be awesome is anyone else is interested in going... I think there are still lots of tickets. My garden is mostly thriving, although I haven't figured out how to keep the squirrels from targetting any plant I especially care about - but I'm thinking I might try blood (aparently it gives them the heeby jeebies and they don't dig near the smell.. Now all I need to do is find a good source of dead carrion perfume. I'll let you know if I have any sucess. The newest additions to the garden are my Day Lily Bed (pictures to be added just as soon as I find the charger for my camera and I am hope when there is light to take pictures). I have 10 different varieties of day lillies including this fantastic peach coloured one and a few nice blood red ones and classic orange and yellow ones. It'll be way more amazing next year once they all settle and bush out I'm sure... if the squirrels don't kill them first. Grrr! I want to hire that stick throwing camp consellor! Other additions include 2 primrose and 3 raspberry and a few cranesbill geraniums. I've actually run out of space for the year I think. I need to save something for next year. I want to design and install a woodland garden section... we'll see though... It may not come to pass.

School - I'm nearly done my project for my last course ever (and I hopefully mean it this time) and then its fieldwork continuously for the next month or so. I hope to be a survey genius when I'm done. I could use a few volunteers if anyone wants to tag along with me sometime. I can do weekends too.

Other news.... not much... I thought I had another piece. I bought a new jean jacket that I totally love - but that isn't exactly exciting news :D... ah well, hopefully I'll remember it for next time.

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Blogger Colin Peart said...

With respect to your last course ever, congrats. I take it now would not be a good time to talk about engineering continuing education credits? ;)

For the squirrels, what you need is either a cat -- that works for us -- or else you can get blood & bone meal at a hardware store with a good garden centre, or else any good actual garden center. It's a little easier to find than something with blood in it that is willing to bleed enough to protect a garden.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Jennith said...

Actually, I've been trying to find said "blood and bonemeal", but I've failed at 3 locations... I'll try again later this week...

Our neighbourhood doesn't even seem to have many outdoor cats and our dog can't be bothered with squirrels these days...

8:47 PM  

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