Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Not bad for no tripod and a relatively unfancy camera... Well, the full moon is here which made me feel nostalgic for Gabe's mom's full moon circles. An excuse for friends and neighbours to get together, share a bonfire, their thoughts and yummy treats. They are really neat - and good excercises in both communicating and listening. I'm finally at that point where I can stop and breathe for a second and relax a little. I'm thinking about my paints and taking some time to hike in the beautiful fall colours... and finally bake those pumpkin muffins and maybe read a book for fun.

Another one of those cute and crazy moments as I was walking into the Rec Centre - I saw a squirrel dive for an acorn, then do the spilts with its back legs and chow down... and I had to laugh...because obviously they are even teaching the local squirrels yoga. Who knew?

So... off I go... into the sunset and wild blue yonder... look forward to some good fall pictures and maybe some long overdue art work.


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