Thursday, September 20, 2007

One day as a field assistant

Spending the day in waders (an unleakly pair that nearly fit me too) - I couldn't help but reminise about the little main Restigouche River. Strangely, the Credit of my childhood, doesn't really compare to even the headwaters of the Restigouche. I don't think I even registered how large a river it was, still the headwaters of the credit still has some pools deeper than my waders (which I discovered via a near miss with becoming very wet and that was before I bumped my head on the sediment sampler).

The north is singing to me and there is frost on the wind
The gypsy in my soul begs to wander, but the farmer in me holds back until harvest season is past
The apples ripen on trees that I will never eat from
Enormous zuchini left ungrated, muffins not baked
But in a few more days freedom will find me and I will soar on the wind
And suck the sweet smell of autumn in the poplar woods deep into my lungs
But first the harvest and then the cherishing of autumn.

And I'm rambling... I've been in the field 10/14 of the last days, in fact it could be 11/14. But soon, I'll be done and done and glad to have that stress and worry past, if I'm not jinxing it by speaking too soon. I have 3 more days in the field this week and probably 2 more after that minimum, possibly 3.

I'll try and keep a somewhat steady stream of photos flowing, but no promises.

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