Tuesday, November 06, 2007

And the wheel of time turned....

Book news today...and sad stuff too. Robert Jordon, despite stubbornly trying to beat the odds against his rare blood disease, has passed on. Actually, I believe he passed on on Sept. 16th, 2007 - but with all the books I was expecting out - I haven't been checking up on my authors. So, I actually found out when I went onto George R.R. Martin's site to see if there was the long awaited update that Dances with Dragon's was done - which it isn't. Hopefully, Martin will finish that series before he dies. As for Jordon's nearly finished series, The Wheel of Time, the final book will likely be completed by his wife/editor and his publisher. He has apparently left a large amount of manuscript, a tonne of notes and dictations. Robin Hobb is currently working on a book set in the Rain Wilds set beyond the time line of her last books in that world (i.e. none of our character friends are alive to take part).

The photo was taken from Mount Nemo of Miltonia... :D

Rest in Peace, Robert Jordon.



P.S. The link in the title is to a recent interview with Forbes where he explain what he expected to happen if he died before completing Book 12: Memory of Light (I like the title). The link just above is to his own personal blog where picture from the funeral and some excerps are posted as well as recent letters that he wrote.
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