Monday, January 14, 2008

French River Provincial Park

A lot of this trip had been about seeing as many provincial parks and natural wonders as I could. When I get to the end of my trip, I'll have to post a complete list of the ones I visited. The last 2 days though, I saw a total of 7 - although a lot of my stops were limited to stoping, hopping out of the car, taking a picture and hopping back in. At the French River, I stopped and checked out the new visitors centre as it had been under construction the last time I was out this way. They've done a great job of putting together a display highlight the local fur trade history in particular. Owing to the wet conditions, and the number of km and stops lefts ahead of me, I opted not to hike up to Recollet falls (although I hope to do this sometime). I have been on the other side of Recollet falls (I believe named after some missionaries who perished in its wrath. At the time we were looking forward to an easy portage as there was a kind of rail cart for canoes back then at the site, however when we paddled up the the falls (in early may) they were raging and unapproachable and the contraption to assist in portaging not to be seen. So, we pulled out at a resort downstream and 2 of our teachers hiked/hitch hiked back to the lot where our cars were parked and came to pick us up on the beach. I'd love to canoe the French River again too... perhaps one day.
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