Monday, January 14, 2008

Les Chutes, Massey

The rain was still driving down when I stopped to check out the round barn - a drafty, 12 sided, 78 year old barn that held a craft shop. I took a quick look, dashing from my car to the door in an attempt to minimize how soaked I got. Its a landmark - see the link for a picture and description. The building style dates back to early settlers in the area.

The Chutes Provincial was my next stop. I had a nice chat with the Parks Warden upon entering. The falls, although small compared to the roaring Kakabeka, Pidgeon River and Agaussabon falls. They had a picturesque charm. I was able to wade in the pool at the bottom. The Riviere Aux Sables - lived up to its name - and the pool was a sandy area used for swimming in warmer weather. I took some time to hike up river and check out the upper falls and it finally stopped raining long enough for me to dare take out my camera. I did hike in my sandals at the risk of getting Poison Ivy.

I'd definately camp out there sometime on route West or East. It may not have been huge, but it had a nice trail and the sites were wooded.
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