Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wildflower Seeds Bloom #2

So two of these have bloomed in the wildflower garden. In other gardening news - I think we should have another colour of daylily open today too. Otherwise, not much is new. There is a bit of digging here and there and I'll have to get out my feeding gear today or tomorrow, but otherwise - its going well.

In other news - I finally had a major breakthrough yesterday and after hitting a major road block, I've manage to move quickly through the next few steps. I'm hoping to have the ugly part done to day and initial results. The next messy part is schedule for sometime tomorrow - if I can hang on to this pace there is still a hope for summer...

Yesterday's horoscope:

Rather than assume that something must be going wrong, try working on the basis that it is actually all going very well – but you just can't yet see why this is. Soon, you'll discover that there is a most inspiring reason why things are as they are.

I can't imagine what is inspiring about grueling days of frustration, but I'm very glad that things are moving much better today - which brings me to today's horoscope:

You are discovering what is unsatisfactory, a sign you are on the way to putting things right. The more swiftly you face what needs to be faced, the sooner you will fix it.

And this seems to be bang on - I think I've had a nice preception shift - or at least I'm a lot more optimistic than I felt a few hours before... and hope will hopefully lend me some much needed wings to fly over any remaining road blocks.
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