Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blizzard Bypasses Baker

So... I've yet to really experience my first real blizzard in the north. Although we did get gusts maxing out at 68 km/hour - more than enough to get you a ticket on Brittania -and the visibility was reduced to 400 m for about 2 hours this afternoon, it didn't seem to get the snow flying and by the time I walked home from school, it wasn't even that bad. So, that is my partial excuse for a lack of new pictures... my other excuse is that I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera - so I couldn't put up any pictures of the cool stuff we were doing in science today. So, I reposted the picture of my boot that doesn't seem to have made it to the internet for a past post. I feel like I should have included something in the picture for scale - like a coin or a pocket knife or a ruler even.

In an unrelated train of thought, I've ended up rereading various chunks of my blog lately for entertainment. Okay, actually, for the most part I enjoyed skimming through the trail of photos I've posted. I'm an incredibly visual person. When I'm stressed, I often look at pictures or photos, in the olden days I'd thumb through my photo albums or I'd look through my various plant and animal field guides (Algonquin Parks ones were my favourites). Now I tend to thumb through Picasa or just stuff on the internet and often enough, review this month or that of my life on my own blog. Not because I think my pictures are the best on the web, they are for the most part descent, but they all mean something to me, more than a strangers photos would. Most times, when I do this, I don't bother much with the writing on my blog - I just sort of review the pictures and fill in the captions from my brain. But occasionally, I do reread what I've written.

Admittedly, I don't really focus on the writing on my blog. I initially had these plans to write deep and thoughtful mini-essays about important issues, but I have barely enough free time to justify the amount of time I do spend on this blog. I don't even apologize for the typos and spelling mistakes because I long ago determined that if I fussed too much about my writing, I'd never get anything posted. Besides, statistically speaking I'm my own most avid reader and since I'm already keenly aware that I need a spell checker in order to produce a relatively error free document - its mostly about getting something down. However, occasionally I surprise myself by writing something worth reading later. Sometimes, this blog even functions a bit like an overly public journal. At least, I know enough about myself that I can track back and read in between the lines whatever it was I deemed too flavourful to put on a public forum.

Where I am trying to go, but obviously can seem to get in an efficient line of though is that I ended up rereading a bunch of my pre-Nunavut posts - the ones that have the full measure of my anticipation, excitement and even tinges of anxiety inlaid in my rambling kind of journally writing. Its kind of cool to be able to have some insight into my brain at various points in my life. Its a good kind of prespecitve and since I've never been able to keep a real journal, blogging with the incentive of maybe having an audience, allows me some measure of the benefits of keeping a journal.

And on that note, I fear this won't be one of those posts... just a lot of uninteresting introspective writing that largely repeats the same thoughts I have everytime I go through this cycle of rereading...and writing about rereading. But then again, maybe I can make use of this sometime in the future...... LOL and now I'm going to stop rambling in favour of putting together some coherent thoughts on wildlife management and maybe some stretching.
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Blogger Brian said...

Or on a scale showing how much the darn things weight!

7:18 AM  
Blogger Jennith said...

They aren't actually that bad all things said... they are mostly made of foam

8:26 AM  

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