Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sunspots from the Archives

Hmmm... This was taken late last fall at Rattlesnake Point. I remember the hike, but I remember this picture.

Currently, there is a threat of blizzard. Certainly, the wind is howling away and the drafts were bad enough to warrent hanging a curtain of sorts. (this would be the funky Ikea material I just had to have for curtains, but haven't used yet. The indoor temperature is no 16.5 C. But, at last check the winds were not nearly as fast as they sound. I'll have to go have a peak out the front window.

I can't believe it is December already... it seems just yesterday that I started thinking about applying up north and now I've been living here nearly 4 months and I cooked my 3rd box of kraft dinner today. I should have made spaghetti sauce or carrot-brocalli soup... but I was feeling like something that didn't require much effort....

I'll definately have to get some post blizzard pictures (once this potential blizzard actually gets around to occuring.)

Okay... I went and observed out the window. Its blowing, I think harder than at dinner time, but I can still see the houses across the road. I checked the historic snow-on-ground values for November and at 16 cm we seems to be normal. Last year there was a lot less snow. Although values in previous years ranged from 12-23. I think last year was only 5 or 6 cm.
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