Saturday, December 06, 2008

Strange things done, in the land of the midnight sun by the wind that blows the snow

The snow has been blasted against various buildings and stuf and done strange things. Most of our windows are hard to see out of and the whol front of the building above has been coated.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some very interesting pictures. Blizzards are pretty uncommon occurrences here. I am amazed at how much light Baker is getting this time of year compared to here. It seems like we aren't even in the same territory.

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Blogger Jennith said...

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Blogger Jennith said...

Even on the 21st of December, I think we still get a good 4 hours with the sun above the horizen and then a few more hours of twillight on either side. We are only at 64 degrees of latitude here... You guys are at 72... That puts you a good bit north. But Repulse Bay (Naujaat), which is only 2 degrees north of us gets 1 day of complete darkness anyways. As for blizzards, topographically, the mainland is really a lot flatter than the Baffin Coast and we are about 265 km from Hudson's Bay (at Rankin Inlet) so that also effects our climate and topography and local preference in foods from the land. A lot more freshwater fish and caribou are eaten here - not very much seal, whale or walrus.

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Blogger Shelley said...


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Anonymous Jordan said...

Wow this is really interesting

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