Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where does the road go?

I've finally settled in down south and rearranged my living/working space enough to allow me to get my own homework on the go... Starting is hard, but I'm feeling determined if somewhat daunted.

Roads are so rarely straight and you don't always know what direction you are going, even if you are on the road that you know you should be on... Today... I'm shrugging my shoulders and focusing on the next few miles... I can worry about the rest of the road once I put this hill behind me for good.

I promise some garden pictures soon. The garden is doing okay, it needs a fair bit of work right now. I've been taking 30 minutes here and there to weed it and pick the lily bettles and other nasties off my lillies. I've lost a number of plants The lupine has been badly decimated and the lillies will struggle - hopefully I can save them. I don't think they will bloom much this year. Although one of the 3 year old ones is blooming okay. Some lillies were hit worse than others. Other plants have done too well. My leman Balm is out of control as is the spearamint and the raspberries. I've pruned them back a bit for now, but I may attempt to replant as much of the spearament as possible in containers. The containers mostly need to be redone. I'm thinking I'd like to do one with Nasturium and even if they are annuals... I do rather like pansies. For ground cover, the lamium (dead nettle) has done the best - currently bursting with bunches of lilac flowers. Some of the speedwell took and some of the ajuga is struggling to come back. The bunchberry hasn't taken off much either.

Missing are my favourite mullein, some columbine, lithodora, geum (well there might be a plant) some of the mine day lilies and my irises. I think most of my hostas came back although some are doing better than others.

The garden needs some digging and some dirt and a good bit of mulch if it is going to survive my absence. There are bare patches in the grass still... but I'm definately ahead of the beggining of last year... so somehow... I'll juggle that responsibility into my life... fortunately.. lots of rain this week and I know that everything is overdue for a feeding.
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