Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tundra Spring

Obviously this picture wasn't taken too recently, I imagine Baker is a whole lot greener than the day before I left. I haven't been outside much lately owing to my terminal case of thesis writing - and my garden is mostly looking shaggy and neglected. I'm slowly making progress and I'm happy to report that my ear ache seems to be clearing up with just using ear drops, rather than having to see a doctor.

Its been a fairly quiet and unexciting weekend, but I'm not complaining. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.. although it does look very far away. My horoscopes have been amusingly on target the last week, although no offer of adventure cropped up today and so... the most exciting thing I did was to walk the dog. I took a day off from aerobics to let my aching muscles rest, but I'm looking forward to my class tomorrow evening... and I might look for a new pair of glasses. I haven't really got an idea of what I'm looking for... I actually still like the ones I've been mostly wearing the last year. My bolder pair never quite worked for me - especially not after the incident with the window - so probably I'll go for something non-descript and durable :D. There are a few upsides to being little.. which is that I can buy children's glasses - and not only do they cost less generally, but they are built to withstand more abuse - which given the number of times my glasses landed up in the same parka pocket with my keys and assorted other junk is not a quality to be underrated.

Anywho... back to work...
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