Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Stranded and Stranded

Here is my latest stranded colourwork knitting project completed while (ironically) I was stranded in Rankin Inlet. You'll note their great similarity to my last project. Why did I do it twice... well the first pair was a little to big. These ones are just right. The tree pattern was borrowed from the generous

I'm glad to be home in Baker Lake. I was even glad to go back to work. I, oddly enough, acutally really like my job and frankly its a lot less work to acutally do my job than try to write instructions for someone else to fill in in my place.

On the cool side, I did get in an awesome visit with some friends in Rankin playing Carcasonne, Settlers of Catan, Killer Bunnies, Ticket to Ride and a few games of Canasta (still the best card game in the world in my head). I think my Killer Bunnies expansions have made it up here too. I also got to meet Page Burt. This is exciting for anyone, as she happens to be a pretty cool person. But I'm not just anyone, I'm a plant field guide junkie - and she is the author of Barren Land Beauties - one of the few available field guides for Nunavut and one of the few people I know who understand my dream to one day own the Lichens of North America book.

I really need to take some time to update the links on my blog. Oh - and my blog is going to have to move URL's (again for those of you who remember me back when my url was Blogspot is discontinuing remote blog hosting, so I need to return to blogspot by March 26th, 2010 - obviously, I'll try to beat the deadline - to allow for the disaster that occured when I first moved away from blogspot (requiring me to manually tell it where to find my picture for 300 + posts - that was a joy). Wish me an easy move - and watch for updates. There is a silver lining - this should allow me to use some of Bloggers fancy new page tools - so it'll be easier to play with the format of my blog and add things like word clouds and change the banner without having to email files to my brother.

Back to cleaning, reading and exercising for me though...
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Blogger ifIhadaboat said...

The mittens look FABULOUS! I love them!

also I posted some more charts last week, if you want them...


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