Saturday, May 29, 2010

It may be colder than freezing, but slowly we are melting down

The ever cruel weather folk are now promising 11 C weather within a week. Since they've yet to deliever on promises of above 0 C weather as of yet, I'm not exactly holding my breath. Still with brightness all the time and hot weather in the Yukon and spreading into Yellowknife there is hope.....

Its a busy weekend. I'm hoping that shortly after finishing this post my kitchen will return to a clean state - the dishes are already waiting. The coffee is brewed and then I'll have to see what I can find for lunch - I have a 1/2 a case of ravioli that I should whittle down a bit....

I'll keep you posted on the weather and try to throw up a few more pics this week, but its a busy bustle from here until the end of the year. I'm laughing at myself though. I've actually missed hockey the past few days. I don't even generally watch hockey - but its comforting to discuss and read about and watch the scores. I think I might watch some of tonight's game while I tackle some marking - at best its the 7th last of the season.

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