Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tourism a la Sewage Lagoon

A beautiful sunset just West of the only natural system sewage treatment facility in northern Canada. Its on two good walking routes and so far has been the best place for finding wildlife lately.

We are in the last hundred meters of the annual marathon, and the runners are worn, but trying to sprint to the finish. After being spoiled in March and April, the temperatures have been seasonal or slightly cooler in May. I had a random visual memory of the perrenials department at Terra Greenhouses pop into my head, leaving me wondering how the columbine and other early bloomers are doing. Hoping that those rascally lily beetles keep their chowing maws off my lilies until I can get home and fight them off for a little bit. Its funny. Having a sudden urge to garden when its still normal for the temperatures to be sub-zero and we had a blizzard bad enough to shut down everything only 6 days ago.

Still... I think I might have to scratch that itch by going through a couple batches of gardening photos... and maybe post one up here.

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Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

I saw columbine out the end of april, and blue bead lillys just ready to bloom. It has been a funny funny spring down here. The Canada May Flower was out the last few days of may. Tho I think I missed the flowering of the tamaraks I did see some beautiful blueberry flowers. :) It's fantastic... but looks like it will be a dry dry summer...

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