Monday, January 17, 2011

Footsteps in the Snow

Its Monday morning again and I'm thankful for warm coffee and foodmail. I'm hoping my luck will turn and I'll get a chance to photograph the Northern Lights later this week - preferably without freezing, but I'm doubting that is a reasonable hope. Its set to be all typical winter temperatures here - a good bit warmer than last weeks temperatures in Ross River, Yukon, but cold enough to warrent the wearing of my beastly ancient Parka. Already the days are noticably longer - yesterday I took the garbage out (more because I wanted to check if the Northern Lights were out) and was surprised that it was fully light and not even 9 am yet. On the up side, it was definitely time to get the garbage out anyways.

My goal for the next little while is somehow get some more exercise crammed into my life even if its as lame as doing the odd extra lap up and down the stairs or random poses of yoga. Sadly, walking outside is going to be limited until spring starts this way. Its hard to find time for things that are important sometimes, especially when work is one of those types of things that is never really done. I've hardly found time to pick up the knitting needles this winter - which is a shame because Knit Picks just came out with this incredible Chroma (sort of wanna be Noro) Yarn - but I like the colours better than Noro and I'm banned from buying yarn for unspecified uses - i.e. for all ye knitting folks out there... no stashing... although I am seriously out of Fairytale wool of the andes and I think running a bit low on Arctic Pool Heather - so its tempting.

Running out of time has now occured, so I'd better ski-daddle
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