Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seasonal Lows

The temperature is plummetting from not too bad to frigging cold by anyone's standards - supposedly the mercury should shrink down to a shocking -45 C, and thats before adding wind chill to it. The winds are expected to be strongish - meaning Wind Chills could reach -65 C - brrr. Lets just say I'm going to keep the full Parka out and not wander too far for the next few days. Its days like this I'm very glad for my seal fur mitts.

I got some of those pieces of bad news maybe that could be taken as good news if you really tried to see it that way things today. Perhaps its trying to not feel sad about it that is giving me a headache, but I suspect the headache has more to do with the changing weather. I guess sometimes things in life are randomly unfair and the only thing you can do is make the best of it and be glad that it wasn't much worse - which it could have been.

I'm sending out some good vibes to a couple of good friends expecting important packages in the next few days. I'm wishing I wasn't so far away though. Its hard to celebrate from here.

Not so much chance for the northern lights, but I'm kind of hoping for none because I'm not so keen to go outside and play with my camera at -45 C. Still, I might go take a quick look. The weather is supposed to stay cold into the weekend which hopefully means getting lots of work done for the next few weeks. We just got the Nordic version of Ticket to Ride (a board game) - so I'm looking forward to giving it a try and learning some Scandinavian geography... its going to be more fun even than shopping at Ikea!!

And on that note, my headache says its time to stop writing stuff and maybe lie down....
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