Saturday, January 22, 2011

Superior Views

Sigh.... beautiful view of Lake Superior on a stormy day. This roadtrip is still one of the best trips I've ever done - everyone should tour the shores of Lake Superior in the fall - truly magnificent countryside and while I often refer to the trip as my "superior alone" tour - based on a neat t-shirt slogan with a single white pine shaped by the wind that I purchased as Superior Provincial Park - I wasn't really alone. I had my trusty travelling companion to haul camping gear, food and me. I guess I should thank her for putting up with my singing and sipping lightly on gasoline - making the whole thing quite affordable.

Today, we've managed to tidy up the appartment and organize a few more corners and make the furniture slightly more conducive to having more than one person in the room. It looks a lot nicer - I got a few more pictures up. Its still cold, but it really hasn't been that bad - since its been mostly calm. I'm hoping to try that trick with throwing boiling water into the air and having it turn to snow. I think I might have a few new pictures to pull out, so I won't have to dig into the archieves for photo part of the blog.

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