Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well, hopefully this post marks the beginning of the end of my blogging disaster. We'll find out tomorrow if my pictures have moved to araska or not. So, lets cross our fingers and hope that I'll soon be back to my photo/ramble mix of blogging. I've moved my cluster map and hopefully will get the URL straightened out for my site meter without losing any of my records - I think I can actually leave it alone.

There is lots of excitement to write about... like the new and improved garage (i.e. clean and organized version) and the aerobics zone in the basement (read foam mats over musty carpet so I don't have to sneeze through my sit ups.) I'll try and post some pictures soon. I miss my parents and can't wait for them to get back.

I'm heading into the field tomorrow. So I will have some new pictures soon and hopefully I can patch up the missing ones from the last month.




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Fixed my link :p

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