Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Quick note to introduce new links

I've added 3 links. The first is to the "Daily Puppy" for a bunch of heart melting photos of people puppy dogs. The second is a link to a paper, Where Rivers are Born" by Meyer and 9 others, descibing the importance of headwaters and the threats they face. Its longish, however, there are tonnes of photos and graphs - an excellent paper though aimed at normal folk - not scientists.

Then I added link I got their from - the river basin centre in the water resource section of links - mostly so I could remember to check it out later.

Last note - David Usher's new single "The Music" is fantastic. I think the album is going to be the best since Little songs. Here is a link to his new website where you can hear the song if you like.


Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the DU update, while I constantly get flak for the fact that I enjoy his music, and his live shows. When he hits Toronto you'll go to some nasty ass club with me to see him right? (Erin's just not in to scary people in downtown Toronto.)

Now the one thing I do take issue with is this whole "best album since little songs" If I were to rate them I would put Little Songs near the top, and probably Morning Orbit near the bottom, but I just say LS is a lock. Although F-Train is my #1 single.

I'm reminded of an interview with Stephen Page who laments the life of an Artist who is always looking forward, but whose fans always remember most fondly that which first pulled them in, or in his words "I liked your early and funnier stuff." The quotation is a little sketchy as I can't find it on my ipod right now, but thats the gist. So David might not be happier to hear that his other three albums weren't up to snuff.

As for the new track, sounds great!

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Blogger Jennith said...

Which album do you tie with Little Songs?? I'd have to say that my all time favourite song is St. Lawernce River, and Trickster is my second. And this is everyone, not just David Usher - thus my stated apreciation of this particular album. Creature and Mercedes Five and Dime were both pretty solid albums by Moist, but I'm hard pressed to rank his other albums. I think I liked if God had Curves next best. Hallucinations - I'm kind of ambivalent about - I liked some of the songs, but I didn't really seem to have listened to this album the same way I have the others. In fact, there are probably more Morning Orbit songs that I like than on any of his other albums - but I recall being disappointed at the time. My musical taste has really shifted throughout my life from pop - folky Canadian alternative - folk - to heavy rock/alternative - grunge - humourous alternative - to celtic rock - folk roots - to folk pop rock - dance... so you see...I can't handle most of what I listened too in high school - or even my first stint in university - and we won't discuss what I listened to in Kash. I guess the best way for me to judge is songs I frequently put on mix CD's and for David Usher - they usually come from Little Songs or Creature (Resurection, Tangerine, Gasoline, Disco Days) - occasionally from Mercedes...(Place, Mandolin, breathe) and a few from IGHC (Long Goodbye, Hey Kids) or Morning Orbit (Blinded, Fast Car, My Way out)- So there is my ramble. I'm getting a bit sick of sappy pop - something a bit rockier would be welcome especially when combined with Usher's lyrical talent and yes I'm going to the concert - I've managed to be in the wrong province for his last 2 tours... and we'll have to travel on mass to make Erin feel more comfortable...


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