Friday, August 17, 2007

Keyword Analysis

Num Perc.Search Term
drill down1421.54%priministers
drill down57.69%jennith peart
drill down46.15%david alexander risk
drill down46.15%killarny canoe
drill down34.62%jennith
drill down34.62%pictures brucedale conservation ontario
drill down23.08%jenn westmorland
drill down23.08%chitaqua
drill down23.08%mount katadyn
drill down23.08%hiking stuck in bog
drill down23.08%in denali by kim heacox
drill down11.54%dragonfly park, guelph
drill down11.54%mizzy lake trail algonquin
drill down11.54%how to get to awenda provincial park
drill down11.54%awenda provincial park pets
drill down11.54%awenda provincial park pictures
drill down11.54%wedding labels aspen leaf
drill down11.54%bog-araska
drill down11.54%peart harbour
drill down11.54%sunita sayeram
drill down11.54%muskrat eat hosta
drill down11.54%bagpipes usher in tide fundy
drill down11.54%swimming at mountsberg dam
drill down11.54%david usher's blog
drill down11.54%port carling iga hours
drill down11.54%muskrats eat beebalm
drill down11.54%jennith peart guelph
drill down11.54%ontario hostas
drill down11.54%echinacaea purpurea
drill down11.54%chris straka
drill down11.54%
drill down11.54%kashechawan tornado
drill down11.54%hall-findley
65 100.00%

The list above was provided to me from STATSCOUNTER, one of the counters I have linked to my blog. These are the search terms that landed people up on my blog. Priministers still seems to be the leader (it has been for nearly a year now), but "Cat in a box" hasn't made the list at all, when it used to frequently result in hits. Sigh... the priministers post is particularly bad... ah well. I'm glad to see that Hall-Findley made the list. I haven't really been paying attention to politics lately, but I like her. I guess I'm also glad that people searching for info on various ontario parks also actually make the click to check out my blog - there are a lot of hits under those labels, so I guess my titles are decent. "kashechewan tornado" I'm suprised at this one - one because I hadn't heard of a tornado in Kashechewan and I don't recall any posts related to tornados - but hey who knows the mysterious of googling something. Finally, its nice that no less than 10 of the 65 searchers were actually looking for me or my blog. Thats good. I've found some people have left no traces on the internet, while others are easy to find. For better or worse, I'm easy to find on the internet. Which is good, because I move around enough that I'm sometimes hard to track down in the outernet (aka the real world... and I'm glad that any old friend hunting for me via the internet can probably send me an email and reconnect.)

Alright, one more post and then back to work.

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