Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Milestones and Hurdles

Today has been a wacky, but good day. I've been clipping along on my model - I'm not as done as I'd hoped this morning, but if you'd asked me yesterday at lunch if I'd be as far as I am now, I'd have laughed at you....

I've been trying to follow a few rules to keep me functioning - 1. I have to exercise every day and 2. I have to go to bed when I start feeling sleepy and 3. I have to try to eat healthy, no matter how much thesis writing induces cravings for chocolate - I at least have to try and satisfy it with carrots and apples first. So, today I went swimming for the first time since staying at the super 8 in Midland ((I wish I had a picture of the pool to post). This one was taken by a talented photographer - the reality is slightly smaller than I'd hoped from this picture. That said, I have nothing negative to say about the hotel. The service was A++, the price was reasonable, the room was amazing and it included a decent breakfast. -- But I've totally digressed))

So, today I went to the local 25 m long pool for the evening lane swim - something I only do occasionally because I'm too fast for the medium lane and not fast enough for the fast lane which sometimes makes swimming frustrating and its super crowded (oh.. and once upon a time I was a lifegaurd which has left me with an aversion to being cold and wet). Today, after the first 30 minutes, it actually cleared out and it was actually pretty decent swimming.... and I swam 42 laps - 1.05 km and while I think I'm going to have some unusual muscles sore tomorrow, it was a nice switch from aerobics. On my way to the pool, I zipped into Sears to pick up a obusform pillow on sale - and just happened to stop to check out their dress sale - for the most part nothing I could afford really called to me, until on the last rack I found it... the perfect little black dress - on super sale and in my size! So, what the heck - I don't have anything coming up before I move to the land of parkas and insulated rubber boots to wear it to - but there are some things that you just don't walk away from even if you have no immediate use for them... and someone has got to get married eventually and now I will have a proper dress and I won't have to race out shopping for it.... Of course, when I told my friend... she wanted to know what evil being had kidnapped Jenn and replaced her with an imposter... but hey... I hate shopping for clothes - so when something finds me... really... best I get it over with.

But really, what made today an absolute treat was a feeling of sucess after so many days of frustration with this software. I'm getting sleepy, so I'm going to have to obey rule #2 - but hopefully if the last part phase 2 goes well, I should be well into phase 3 by the end of tomorrow - leaving me the last phase for the next couple of days because its a bit more fiddly. But once that is done, I just have to finish writing it up an then its all about editting, fixing, and I may even get to go to Algonquin, paddle a canoe, hike my favourite trails, swim in the Lake of Two Rivers..... and there you go - an incentive that can't be beaten.

Good night,

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