Friday, December 12, 2008

Parka Shadows

Hey... where have all the days gone... time has slipped by the last week or so. Last night was our school christmas concert. It went off well and I think it is safe to say that most people had a good time and the kids really did a great job.

As for the photo.... this is what my silohoutte looks like in the north... kinds of like a parkamonster and in other weird shadow news. I had a second weird moment where I realized that a second item of clothing that I purchased while I was down south was actually made in Baker Lake. I put on my northern lights/polar bear tshirt... only to notice a familiar logo on the sleeve... my t-shirt is from the Jessie Oonark Center (a local shop that sells clothing and artwork). The t-shirt was a funny story too.. it was actually the last one left at the McMichael Gallery 2 years ago and it was on a manaquin... so me and assorted other members of my family hunted throughout the store looking for one that wasn't part of a display - to no avail... so this is actually the shirt off the mannaquin and I had never even read the logo on the sleeve or would have thought that I might end up living in Baker Lake and here I am... and off to work I must go... but hopefully some new pictures tomorrow once I convince my hard drive that it isn't as full as it thinks...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's Chu, the only other person in your posse that thinks knitting is a cool and functional skill set to have.

oh yeah, water colour painting is pretty cool too...Bob Ross always made it so easy tho, whipping out those paintings in 30mins flat. I could never do it.

find me on facebook punk!

8:24 PM  
Blogger Jennith said...

I don't know your last name or where you went to school and I'm not even sure how you spell your first name.... so, perhaps you'd have better luck finding me on facebook. I'm hoping to have a good chunk of everyone knitting by June...

9:08 PM  

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