Sunday, January 11, 2009

Murphy's Law

This morning's Toronto Star has an article on the origins of Murphy's Law, which I'll let people read if they wish, rather than summarizing it here. There is a geeky engineering piece of me that appreciates this saying almost as a cultural adage as apposed a saying "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" as I've most often heard it stated. I myself am a fan of plan C and D, even when so often it seems that I end up doing something I never planned in the first place. The plans make me feel better.

There is a pretty strongly stated weather warning suggesting that it may be the type of blizzard I've yet to see. The wind is gusting audibly outside my window and our house shudders occasionally with the impact. I'd like to take a hike up to the snow fence - although that is a long (500 m) trek into the wind, so I might wait until this is all over - to see what exactly the snow is doing at the snow fence and what the drifts look like.

The photo was taken back in early September when the arctic was charming me will its coat of many bright autumn colours. The ring of tents belong to this years geology themed Science Camp.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be careful in the blizzard! I've read a lot of books about people getting lost in blizzards when only going 100m, but then again, I've ready waaay too many books. Nice socks, hope they keep your feet toasty! Anne in Calgary

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