Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today's theme... what is bravery? Siberian tiger says "I feel bravest when its dark and I know I'm not afraid of all the noises I can hear, even if I can't see the noise makers." Jenn says "I feel bravest when I stand up for myself. Its easy to let people take advantage of you, its a lot harder to tell them that you won't put up with it, and then really not put up with it." Rock says "I feel bravest when I have a lot to lose, but I still roll the dice anyways. What does a rock have to lose though?" Grass says "I feel bravest when I let myself blow freely in the wind, even though I can hear the mower coming." Fence says "I feel bravest when I can feel the jaws of that massive tiger chomping on me, and I don't even wet myself. Although, I, ummm, don't have a bladder." Wind says "I feel bravest when I race across the open valley and blow fearlessly through the leaves of the trees in the autumn. I love making them flutter to the ground."

Hmm... Zhennith says... "Enough, mulling philosophy to avoid practicallity."
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