Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zoooooo zooo zooo!

So one of my oldest dearest friends from University the first time..... and I went to the zoo today. Mostly we stuck to the African pavilion because I think she likes watching the primates... although people watching at the zoo is nearly as interesting as the animals...

I heard one girl call out in an excited voice - "look dad look up at the bird!" to which he replied in a somewhat bored and tired tone "that's nice sweetie". When she repeated the same exclamation to her mom.. the woman not only looked, but remarked in her own excited tone that it was a cool bird and then lifted her daughter up so she could see better... obviously.. if she is still going to the zoo when she is older, its going to be with mom, and dad may opt to stay home.

I personally think watching the kangaroos was probably the most interesting. It was nice to hang out with a fellow bio student as we discussed the anatomy of the kangaroos in an uninformed attempt to guess how its bones were arranged to allow for such speed and agility. Although, the giraffes amazed me with their agility and the Chimpanzees with the gymnastics and the gorillas with their contemplative gazes.

It was good to see lots of people there, although, the next time I go, I'll make sure to get their eariler so I can get a better parking space. We ended up in the overflow lot. It was nuts. The Tundra Trek is not opening until August. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze my second trip in August with B. and his family. Aunt Jenn has promised a trip to the zoo.... but it would be more fun to take him when I can show him the Tuktu, Amaruq, Tiriaq, Siksik and Nanuq that she might see where she lives up north, aparently in an iglu. I tried to explain that I live near the Iglu (a local restaurant in Baker Lake) rather than in the Iglu... but I'm sure B. will understand when he grows up...
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Anonymous Lizard said...

I'm jealous. The zoo is one of my favourite outings, and I almost never get to go. I hope you manage to get back for Tundra Trek, I'll bet it's pretty awesome.

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