Saturday, February 06, 2010

Its a beautiful day in the arctic

I was shocked when I checked the weather and discovered that it was -32 C. It feels way warmer - although the fact that its calm surely helps. Its been both a lazy and productive Saturday so far. I'm making chicken/cabbage/carrot/corn/green onion soup (if I had chives to keep the "C" theme going I would have used them. I should commence some working out shortly as soon as I get a bit of soup into me and stop reading the news.

This is the hat that I finished on the ride home from Rankin. I'm not sure about the decrease in the top, but I do really like the garter stitch look. (The pattern for the hat was inspired by this pattern:

There should be northern lights tonight - well at least there is a 35% chance according to

My plans are to make a cranberry cake - I think. and work on some stuff for my bio and env. sci courses. I spent two hours reorganizing the back room... I'm sure I could spend a week and not have it perfect, but its a lot more to my liking. Okay... I guess I'm going to have to bounce off as the music says its time to get back into the groove. A week away from home has killed my momentum of getting fit, but I think I'll be back on track after this weekend. I'm going to try.

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