Saturday, May 29, 2010

So the year turns

The world has a habit of being in a continuous process of change. Change can swing to the good side or the bad. Change is sometimes simply change. Spring following winter (whenever it gets around to it), getting a year older, the sun rising and setting, the internet getting faster, the minutes ticking by.

Of course, the school year is officially over in just over a week. This means that some friends are heading out for good. Its strange. With it being cool and the ground still fairly covered in snow, its hard to believe that that end is coming, I haven't really started thinking beyond exams. Which is good, plenty of things that need my attention without daydreaming about the summer, which will likely be a lot like last summer... Thesis... thesis... and more thesis. My goal is to put more than 1000 km on my car. I'm sure there will be lots to look forward to, but in the short term I'd better keep my eyes on the road.

One good change, I bought 2 floor mats today from one of my friends heading into the great blue world of roads and coffee shops and stuff... and they are perfect. My little home is just a touch awesomer and it'll be a nice reminder of her.

Back to work for me though...
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