Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ice Free Shores

Well, I finally found weather warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt, although I admit that I'm actually feeling kind of chilly right now. We had a wicked storm blast through here, although its all sunny skies now.

Its hard to believe that I'm already at this point in my plans. I'm trying to work full steam ahead on an ongoing project.

The act of organizing and leaving anywhere for an extended trip is always exhausting - although I actually got sleep my last night, although I was admittedly tight on time getting out the door... like on time exactly, rather than early and tight on weight.... at 69.5 lbs.... which is what held me up - on and off the scales until I was under. I'm a bit sorry that I left my cords behind (especially since I doubt they made much weight difference).

The trip began with me getting off the plane in the sprawling metropolis of Winnipeg, where I promptly picked up my rental and drove out into the real world. No holding back while I adjust from my quiet home in the arctic to downtown. The drive went shockingly well in spite of feeling terribly visually overstimulated and having to jar my brain into that multi-awareness traffic driving mode after traveling on foot for 6 months. There seemed to be so many cars, buildings, people and signs. Usually I start driving in the suburbs that I know like the back of my hand with a clear picture of where I have to go and any special situations and in my familiar little car. I can't really complain about the car.... the accents on the dash were different in accent colour, but aside from that it drove and handled like mine. Still, the setting out into a strange downtown with a semi-memorized set of driving instructions and only a crappy map to consult at red lights, it amazes me that I made it straight to the place I was going without even getting lost. I did find it a bit stressful. Not dangerous, just enough to laugh at myself for putting myself into a dorky position. Fortunately, I'm a good and experienced driver (and anyone who cares to disagree can shove their comments up their noses with their fingers) and it all came back quickly.

My next driving foray, I was aided by the thoughtful printing of Google map directions by the gentlemen at the hotel front desk. Neat service. In general, I have nothing but good things to say about the hotel. The bathroom looked so cool with glass counters and pot lights and stuff.

The conference was a good experience. Some of it was over my head, but I still learned a lot. The highlight was meeting the Mayor or Iqaluit. I was incredibly impressed by her positivity and ability to act as an ambassador of the north. I met people who were in charge of forecasting our weather and learned a lot about how they do it. I'm getting pretty excited about the new Gr. 12 curriculum.

Otherwise, the other good part of the trip was getting to spend lots of time talking to another mentor of mine, one the the science curriculum writers. She is easy to talk to and offered lots of great wisdom. We tag teamed for our presentation and I feel like it went well, although I was relieved to get it over. Its funny feeling stage fright when I spend most of my days presenting or maybe it was weird because no on interrupted me with a request to get a drink or go to the bathroom.

The next leg of the trip was uneventful, the clouds out the window were cool (the picture above was taken as we were taking off or landing near Rankin. The ice was really that turquoise). Its strange/good to be back here - although it almost feels like I never left in some ways, save that all the kitchen utensils have moved around. I even got up at 6 am and swam my Bronze cross lengths (in somewhat more than the required 14 minutes, but not bad for a first swim in 10 months.) The garden needs some weeding, if the wind doesn't blow it all away. I recommend that no one sane would ever plant lemon balm in their garden... its a weed, it makes my spearmint and even the raspberry brush jungle look well behaved.

I'd better get back to picking through my modelling and checking it out. I'm hoping to have it polished off by the end of the week. Well, at least the piece I'm working on right now.




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