Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Day that Pigs would Die

81 Pigs die in MVA on the way to the Abbatoir

I'm not sure how to feel about this article. It seems a weird angle to focus on. Its not like every pig on that truck was on a joy ride; the truck was heading to the slaughter house. They were going to die shortly, albeit hopefully in a much more painless and humane way. Even if the article had focused on the trauma (psychological and physical) that it had on them or what would happen to the euthanized pigs. Would they still get to be bacon, or was it the glue factory for them? I was shocked that there was no mention of likely traffic nightmare this caused in Toronto with the link between the Gardener and HWY 427 closed for 11 hours - it must have been ugly. No cute stories about the mischief of loose pigs on the highway or speculation about how the pigs felt about the ordeal. I'm not saying it isn't news, it just seems that the journalist seemed mostly concerned about the number of pigs that had to be euthanized and oblivious to any other aspects of the story save that the driver was going to be charged. Will the pigs that survived be rescued from the slaughterhouse fate awaiting them?

As for local news, we had wind, clouds and rain and we are slated to get snow tonight. However, the long awaited (since the end of July/beginning of August) barge has finally arrived bringing food, vehicles, and sundry other items. I'm sure for those who've been waiting, it'll be a bit like Christmas. Hopefully, everything has arrived in one piece and largely unfrozen.

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