Thursday, October 07, 2010

Landing on your feet

I'm fascinated by watching birds. Their grace and strength is always impressive and their shapes facinating if you can catch them at just the right moment. Here are more pictures of snow geese in Rankin Inlet.

There may be a blizzard currently raging in Coral harbour, but the snowfall warning that we received mostly fell as rain and what did fall as snow melted into a big puddle of muddy red slush yesterday. There have been some stunning sunsets and sunrises, in spite of the still fairly consistent cloud cover. I, sadly, was not with camera when they happened. Yesterday, the snow dusted blueberry hill was sparkling below a string of silver lined clouds. Today, the east has a faint pink glow under the clouds.  It sounds like a real doosey of a storm has hit Cape Dorset - with sustained winds of 80 km/hr according to Environment Canada. 

I hope that I can steal some time this weekend to go out with my camera - and maybe pick a bag full of cranberries. In the mean time, I think I have enough photos from Rankin still to finish out the week.

And its going to be the opening night of the 2010-2011 NHL hockey season.... YEAH! I, of course, am cheering for the Leafs - and naturally believe that they are going to win the Stanley cup. Being a Leafs fan has a lot to do with faith, hope and tenaciousness - because one day, one year, we'll be right. The nice thing, after 5 years in New Brunswick (notably where I really started to watch hockey - especially watching the Canadian Men's and Women's Olympic hockey teams win big - (they were making too much noise in the TV lounge below my room for me to work those nights anyways)) is that there are actually other Leafs fans here - and if there were in New Brunswick, they were few, far between and generally laying low because the Montreal fans (and some other groups) really really didn't have much nice to say about my team. My attachment is largely geographic and familial - my grandpa cheers for the Leafs (given that he is old enough to remember the time when they won the Stanley cup in 1967) and I grew up in the sub-burbs of Toronto and while I don't think I'd want to live in Toronto, I don't mind visiting occasionally and I have no problem cheering for their sports teams. So... Go Leafs Go! Surprise all the unfaithful with a glorious run for the cup!

Here is hoping we all land on our feet, even when taking a big leap of faith!

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Blogger ~G said...

And look, they had a great opener! :)
hopefully we'll all have the same luck.

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